Food, Posture, Music

I have spent a lot of time thinking about a certain quote I heard lately.  It is from the book, Your Body Doesn’t Lie by John Diamond, M.D.

‘I once met a pianist whose vibrant good health was striking.  He was stocky but firm, and he carried himself proudly.  Furthermore, although he was in his early sixties, his blue eyes were crystal-clear, his skin taut and unlined.  The most memorable thing about him, though, was his energy.

I tested him and found him to be as strong as he looked.  What, I asked him, was the secret of his good health?  Without hesitation he replied, “I eat good food, I sit up straight, and I have good music coming at me all day”.’

That the author states that it nearly sums up everything he is trying to communicate in his book.  And it sums up everything my practice stands for.

Nutrition is essential for good health and few would ague that.  Good posture equals a body that has good bio-mechanics allowing you to move without restriction and a nervous system that has little or no irritation. When you have have good posture, you have excellent mind-body connection.  The healing qualities of music refer to your mental health which can dovetail into many categories. Essentially it means, do you have positive things that feed your mind or is it things that cause anxiety, fear, gossip and general discontent.  At our house we generally start off the day with a glass of water while thinking of all we are grateful for in life with music on Pandora or Spotify from the Baroque or Classical period.  It sets the tone for the day.

We eat humanely raised farm fresh eggs and bacon usually with steel cut oatmeal covered in butter from grass fed cows with organic blueberries from the yard when in season.   Oh yeah, and Stumptown Coffee!

It’s peaceful and pleasant and gets us ready to approach the day.

The opposite of that might be cereal.  Maybe a pastry.  Or how about a McSomething you get out of a window while you listen to the news of negative happenings in the world spaced by commercials of more things that cloud your mind and create this underlying wave of tension or aggravation.

Applied Kinesiology says that health is three-fold.  It is Structural, Chemical and Emotional.  If those are out of balance than you are not expressing your fullest health potential. Pay attention to your bio-mechanics and how you hold yourself, your posture and what that says about you to the world.  Eat the best you can giving your mind what it needs to think clearly.  Fill your mind with as much positive as possible.

Life is life and we all have stuff we have to deal with it.  But you don’t have to stay there.  The very next moment or next day, you can choose to put your focus on something better.  Like good music.

Health & Serenity, Dr. Sean